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Why do I need to hire a pressure cleaner?

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

You might be thinking I can easily clean the driveway or wash down the gutters and windows with my electric power washer. Why pay someone else to do it?

Well there are a few good reasons why it’s best to leave the High Pressure Cleaning to the professionals. Firstly…

Your time

Small electric power washers are great for small areas but If you have a large driveway for example, that’s copped years of wear and tear, rain, lack of sunshine and over hanging trees, strong chance it’s heavily stained with dirt and mould and it’s discoloured from leaves and other debris sitting on it. And there's and even stronger chance you’ll spend a month of Sundays cleaning it up. There goes your precious time and hello to a sore back from having been bent over cleaning for hours.


For cleaning concrete surfaces our machines run between 3000-3500 PSI. We’ve found this to be a good balance between providing good results and not damaging the surface from using excessive pressure. Everyday electric pressure cleaning equipment doesn’t come close to providing this much grunt. Thats why you’ll spend along time cleaning one patch of concrete and not actually fully removing the dirt. Thats why it grows back so fast. The longer it takes you the more water you’re using also. True they do consume less water per minute than heavy duty equipment, but by using heavy duty gear a typical suburban driveway can be totally completed in an hour or less.


Like anything the more you do it the better at it you become. We have been water blasting driveways, pressure cleaning footpaths and patios, washing down houses, just about any surface around the home since 1989. Over those years we’ve perfected our techniques, and become efficient in what chemicals to use to relieve stains. You may even have a petrol powered

machine, but at the end of the day it all gets back to our time. In this busy world would we rather spend our time cleaning the patio or enjoying the patio that has been professionally cleaned?

Please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation quote to pressure clean the unsightly areas around your home.

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