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  • Do I have to be home while you work on my house?
    No you don't. As long as you can provide full access to the areas of the property that we need to work on, for example unlocking any gates, and ensuring any pets will be safely restrained or removed. We don't require any power only access to one or two water outlets.
  • Do I need to move my belongings before you come?
    If you can that would be greatly appreciated. If we're cleaning a patio or pergola for example, then in most cases there will be a BBQ, outdoor furniture, plants etc. So that we are able to move about the area freely and so they're not affected by water or any chemicals we may be required to use it's best if you can have these items removed. If you have some heavy items that can't be moved easily we can assist you or we can clean around those items. Also please have your washing line free of clothes so they're not soiled. If we're performing a house wash please ensure all the windows and doors are closed.
  • Will pressure cleaning my outdoor tiles affect the grouting?
    No. At Thomo’s High Pressure Cleaning we have been cleaning all external surfaces for over 28 Years. We use rotary floor scrubbers which are an effective way of cleaning tiled, paved, sandstone and marble surfaces. The key is using the right amount of pressure to clean the area without causing damage to the grouting or the tile. The grouting tends to absorb dirt and discolour quicker than the tile. So by customising the cleaning process to suit your needs we renew the appearance of your outdoor area.
  • Why does mould come back so quick when I clean with my electric power washer?
    Home water blasters are effective for cleaning small areas. However because they simply don't produce enough water pressure and cleaning ability you are only cleaning the top layer of dirt and mould. Our equipment has up to 4000 PSI, double the amount of your average electric pressure cleaner. Thats why we can have an average driveway cleaned in under and hour.
  • If my walls have mould or fungus on them, does it mean I need to re-paint?"
    This is a common misconception. If any painted surface is mouldy or has green fungus on it, it can be removed. We apply our mould inhibitor to the surface and allow a few minutes for it to dwell on the affected area. The inhibitor is loosening the ingrained mould from the paint, which allows us to lightly rinse the painted surface without causing any damage to the paintwork. Many people are surprised at how well their walls appear afterward.
  • Why should I use Thomo's High Pressure cleaning to do my external cleaning?
    As one of the longest established businesses here on the Gold Coast, our great reputation, good service and concern for the people who use us means a great deal to us. When so many cleaning businesses claim to do one thing and then cannot fulfil what is promised, we pride ourselves on being true to our word. We have placed a great deal of importance on the quality of our machines, our product and service. Why not join the hundreds of satisfied Gold Coast customers who have used us and see for yourself.
Thomo's High Pressure Cleaning
Thomo's High Pressure Cleaning
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