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We have spent over two decades high pressure cleaning mould and dirt from driveways all over the Gold Coast – we’re experts at it! Our methods have been perfected over the years, as have our tools.


Your driveway is one of the first things a visitor will see so you want it looking great - and safe. They often discolour over time and with use, due to mould growth from a lack of sunlight, constant moisture, overhanging trees and a build up of dirt.


We can solve this problem! 

To give a driveway the best possible clean, we use a Rotary Cleaner which is the most efficient use of time and resources, and produces a driveway that is clean, safe and a source of amazement to our clients. After the area has been thoroughly pressure cleaned we apply a customised mould inhibitor to help delay future mould growth. 


We work with all types of surfaces: plain, coloured, stamped and stencilled concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers, sandstone and tiles.

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